Sunday, October 12, 2014


Do you ever avoid sewing things you "have" to sew?  I do, all.the.time.  It is a really bad habit.  I should be finishing this stack of skinny jeans or Halloween costumes but instead I made an outfit for Sam, that he doesn't even really fit in yet (both items are 6m).  Once I get an idea in my head I will obsess over it until I do it (unless I have to do it^^).  

I see all over pinterest little boys in leggings, and I wanted to see how I felt about them on Sam so I made a pair of O+S Playtime leggings.  I decided to do a fabric that wasn't decidedly boy, so that if I hated the look I could pass them on to a little girl.  I don't *hate* them, but I am still undecided.  Let me back up, though, this all started when I wanted to figure out how to alter the Lil' Papoose Moccasins to look more like the super out of my budget moccasins that are popular now.  So I picked up some pleather to try out before I invest in some legit leather and played around until I got it, then I made a pair for my nephew too, who unlike Sam, actually wears shoes.  And if I went that far, why not make a shirt too?  I used the School bus Tee for that.

I never thought I would be one to make shoes, but I can see these becoming a new addiction, and a new go-to baby gift.  I made one 0-3 size first and it was a little tight, as was sort of expected being he is 3 months now and has fabulously chubby everything.  So then I made the 3-6 and there is plenty of room.  I know making shoes for someone who doesn't come close to needing them is a little ridiculous, but what is life without a little whimsy?

I made the leggings in a 12m width around the legs, but 6m in the waist thinking it would be a little looser, but again- super chubby everything.  They are growing on me.

The shirt doesn't fit yet, but I figured it probably wouldn't.  I need to stop my brain from wanting to make 2 or 3 more right this minute.  But this little grumpy guy is helping me stay away from the machine too much.  He goes through spurts, a few days he will be so happy and can be left in the swing or on a blanket and other days he needs to be constantly held.  Sigh, guess I should finish my "have to" pile the next time he has a good day.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Itty bitty Sketchbook set.

I had a baby shower to attend this weekend, so a tiny outfit was begging to be sewn.  Don't mention that I knew about this shower for close to a month and was literally finishing up 30 minutes before it started, that's just how I  roll.  

I don't know her very well, but her mother was Ben's aunt for a little while and her brother is Ben's best friend, so I for sure wanted to make her something.  But without knowing her style it was kind of hard to choose, in the end I went with a classic little boy look and something I would dress my boys in.  In fact, I almost wanted to keep it for Sam, ha! 

I made the Oliver + S Sketchbook Shirt + Shorts in a gray bottom weight (denim, I think...) and a plaid seersucker-ish material.  I pretty much ironed the crap out of the shirt so it lost it's seersucker look and I didn't have time to throw it in the wash like I normally would before giving it away (I usually like to wash baby items in dreft so they are ready to wear), but I thought the material would work well since it didn't necessarily need to be ironed, most new moms probably don't want a gift that needs to be ironed, right?

I love the fun and subtle details in boys clothing.   I cut the placket and pocket on the bias, added a bit of bias tape to the pocket and snaps- because snaps on baby clothing are the bomb diggity.  So much easier than buttons when they want to be wiggly.

I loved making this shirt.  The yoke construction at first left me scratching my head, but once I figured it out I felt like a rock star! I can't wait to make this one again.

Ugh, my iron job sucked and I was trying to sneak a few pics in as quickly as possible.

I tried out my piping foot that I have had for forever, I probably shouldn't have used it on a gift for my first go.  The right side is a little too narrow.

I didn't have a matching gray thread, just lighter or darker, so we are going to pretend it was a design feature rather than my procrastination and laziness that led to this look.  I used my stretch stitch to get a more defined look since I hate topstitching thread but love the look.

Hopefully she liked it!  I had to leave before the gift opening as Sam was fussy.  And now I can't wait for Sam to fit the 6 month range!!  

Monday, September 29, 2014

A Washi.

I knocked out two more projects for Selfish Sewing Week, though technically one was finished up today, so after the "official" week, but I still gonna count it because I am a rebel.  And it kind of wasn't totally my fault.  You see, I broke my no night sewing rule Friday night because I had made a Washi muslin earlier in the day and was dying to cut in to my good fabric.  My machine started acting up and making a weird noise but I soldiered on anyways, well... That was a bad idea.  My machine totally jammed and Ben actually had to break the needle to get my dress out of the machine. So Saturday morning my machine went to the man with the magic fixing skills. 

My sewing closet was a sad, sorry sight so I ripped it apart to clean it as Ben took my machine to town.  The guy was super awesome and got it fixed within a few hours (how's that for service?!).  I couldn't sew, though, because between Sam and putting my closet back together there just wasn't any time.  So, today I finished. 

I have had this pattern for forever, as soon as it was released in paper form I bought it up, and it sat and sat.  Now that the baby is no longer in my belly I figured it was time to try it out, so I grabbed up some random fabric in my stash and researched.  I noticed a lot of gals with, ahem, bigger chests found they needed to lower the bodice.  I first made the bodice without lowering, but adding a FBA, and it was too high, so this was my second attempt.  For reference, I added 1 1/2".  I like the fit, but I am not sure I would wear this print as it isn't really my style, but it is a nearly finished shirt- maybe I should just finish and try it out!  

So here is my "real" one.  Side note, have y'all ever felt the Art Gallery prints?  They are amazeballs!  Seriously, such a great feel and a great drape for a quilting cotton.  The lady at my local shop said they are a Pima cotton and 600 thread count.  I used one of their prints for Iz's Library Dress and just loved it, so I knew it would work well for this top.

I added 2" to the length, though I forgot to add it to my front pattern piece when I traced it so I forgot to add it on this one, hence the band at the bottom of the top going side to side instead of up and down.  I think I want to add a bit more length next time to be able to wear it with leggings.

I did a FBA using the method in the Weekend Getaway since it worked so well and was so easy when I made it last.  I can not for the life of me get the darts to not point, it is really driving me crazy. I also had that problem on the muslin.

I felt like a rockstar when I steamed the shirring lines and they shrunk right up, definitely worth the half hour it took to figure out the setting for my machine.  

 I used the Tova sleeves as I have seen others do.   They barely needed to be eased in, but when I used a 1/2" SA I found that it restricted my movement too much and made the top pretty much unwearable.  I unpicked (including the serged seams, that was a beast) and used 1/4" instead.  It is still a little tight, but not unwearable.

I think I need me a good kid sewing fix, they are so much easier, ha!  No muslins (for the most part) and no weird body issues that need to be taken in to account.  Plus I have a few baby gifts to make, one for a shower this weekend and one for a birth I missed making for due to Sam being itty bitty and no sewing time.  But, I have caught the bug and will start adding myself to the rotation.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Everyday skirt + Metro tee.

I am on a roll!  It's selfish sewing week, so I decided I will do just that, sew for me!  It has been fun and I may be getting a little obsessed (I really should be making the kids pants and jackets).  

So, ignore the random light on my boob, I still am not great at using my remote and this was the only decent shot of somewhere close to twenty.  Ugh.

The top is the Liesl and Co Metro tee in some fuschia polka dot from Girl Charlee that I had left over from making a maternity tee (that was never blogged).  The material didn't hold up great, unfortunately, but I was wearing it 2-3 times a week (because it fit) so I am hoping if it gets washed less it will last longer.  The pattern is great, so great.  But I think all O+S and L+C patterns are the bomb diggity.  I made an XL and didn't change a darn thing.

The skirt is the Liesl and Co Everyday skirt in a Robert Kaufman Essex yarn dyed linen.  I have made this one twice before but didn't get a lot of wear out of them because two weeks or so after they were made I found out I was pregnant with Sam!  I love the skirts and they are so comfy so I "needed" another.  I made a Large with again no mods.

I have another Everyday Skirt cut, a Traveler view B and a Weekend Getaway so expect some more awkward photos of me to show up here.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekend Getaway tunic.

I have been sewing for me a little bit lately, though this is the first I have blogged.  I started wearing my blue Weekend Getaway again, and while it is a little tighter than when I made it (thanks Sam) I decided to make the same size as I have finally started to loose some of this post baby weight.   I decided to make it in a tunic length, I bought my first pair of leggings ever so I wanted something to go with it, though I think I will need to loose a bit more before I dare wear them out of the house, haha! 

I used this lightweight shirting I picked up forever ago, I think it was meant to make Ben a Negroni, but I never dared (though it is on the list now).  Adult clothes take up so much material so I was intimidated.

I made the size 14 with a FBA for my giant nursing boobs (well, giant to me).  The blue dot one doesn't have a FBA so it is a little tight in that area.

I added black to the sleeves to tie in the facing and cut the sleeve on the bias because I was sick of trying to match the plaids.  It would have been a quick sew if I didn't have to do that, but I can't stand when stripes/plaids don't match.

I was also a little intimidated by the FBA the first two times I made this so I skipped it, but oh my gosh!  Liesl's method and instructions are soooo easy.  Seriously, don't skip it if you need it!

I am still not so sure I like the whole showing my face and trying to use my remote (getting myself in frame can be tricky!), but I have a whole list of things to make for me so I better get used to it;)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Prepping for fall.

The fall always sneaks up on me.  One day we are wearing shorts and tanks and the next we need pants and cardigans.  I am *trying* to be more on top of it this year though, of course, with a two month old I can't completely keep up with the wardrobes, but I can try.

So up first is a set for the twins.  Or a twin.  I fell in love with the tiger print and just had to have it and create a whole outfit inspired by it.  Patricia suggested a khaki bottom like the awesome shorts Peta had just made, and as luck would have it I had just uncovered one in my stash.

I made the outfit for Elizabeth's size in, she is a bit bigger around and a little taller, but Georgia threw a tantrum when I suggested Iz put it on for pictures... so she put it on and had her picture taken first.

The tunic is the Oliver + S Roller Skate tunic, size 3T with added length and a slightly lower elastic casing.  This happens to be my fourteenth Roller Skate, so I didn't even pull the instructions out.  Ha! It is in the running for my most used pattern ever.

See?  Still a little big (I want it to fit for most of the winter, hopefully) but a better fit.

For the cardigan I used some interlock from Joann, not the best stuff, but I was experimenting and didn't want to use my good stuff just yet.

I used the Oliver + S School Bus Tee and modified it.  I made a size 4 as I wanted the oversized look, but since I added a cuff to the sleeve hem I probably should have shortened them, but I guess I did say I wanted long wear.

I pretty much love it and will be making more.

The pants, oh the pants.  I bought the pattern so long ago after Katy made a pair for one of her girls and am just now getting to it.  They are the Heidi + Finn Pleat-bottom pants.  I love the look of their patterns, but they don't include a size chart and that irritates me.  I never know what size to pick so I usually stay away from theirs, but since I owned this one already I figured I would make a bigger size than I thought I would need.  I made the 4t as reviews said they were a little short in length and rise.  These are just about right, a little long, but if I had made a 3t they would be too short.

They are super easy to make, though, if you can figure out a size.

I still have a half yard left of the tigers, which is good because I can foresee many fights over this top.

Sunday, September 7, 2014


I have a million projects running through my mind and I don't have the time to fit them all in, so I am jumping around between a few currently.  Not a good thing, because that leaves the potential of something being left in the WIP so long that it is outgrown before it is made.  Sigh.  

But first, a project that had to be finished by today (and I got done just in time).  My nieces joint birthday party is this evening and they are both obsessed with Frozen (but what under 10 year old girl isn't?).  I was brainstorming ideas when it came to me, capes.  Not only do they love Frozen, but they also love dressing up. 

One likes Elsa and one likes Anna, so I made one of each.  Elsa's was super easy, a yard of glittery tulle, some ribbon and gathering, no hemming required.

For Anna's I used the Oliver + S School Bus Tee.  I used some interlock from Joann, some black bobbles and a heart clasp. 

The girls super love them, but understand that they are going to A + C (or at least I hope they understand, ha!).  I showed them the fabric I have for theirs and that helped a little, though they keep asking if theirs are done yet.  I am making them slightly different too, ie Elsa in a different fabric and Anna with a different clasp so that just in case all four girls wear theirs at the same time we can tell them apart.

Hopefully cousins like them, if not I know two little girls who will take them off their hands...