Thursday, September 12, 2013

Book Report.

It's about time I made this one!  I bought it last fall and never quite got to it, though I ended up going shorter sleeved, so it technically isn't fall/winter exclusive. 
Anyways, in case you don't know what pattern I am talking about by the title, it is the Oliver +S Book Report size 7 for Abby with shortened sleeves per her request.   Though, I don't know, I think I made them hit in a weird spot- what do you think?


She wanted it shorter sleeve so she could wear it NOW (still pretty warm in our neck of the woods), though I made her put on leggings for the photos because it is a leeetle short when she lifts her arms- oops. 

I used a light weight chambray, and was worried at first about using it since I thought I needed something heavier, but my some of my sweet sewing friends who have made this one before assured me it would be just lovely in a chambray.  I think it is. 
She thought the pockets were pretty cool.  Oh, and she totally posed herself the whole time:)

Not a whole lot of exciting things to say here... great pattern, great instructions, yada yada, ya'll know how much I love Oliver + S.  Except for one thing, I *hate* narrow hems.  Hate them.  I need to unpick this one in a few spots and fix it before it gets worn for reals. 

Earlier in the week I was actually working on a Family Reunion dress, but then my serger jammed and I couldn't get it to work :/ so I decided to cut this and go Justine style with some pretty bound seam allowances.  It was fun... at first... Then my awesome husband fixed my machine and showed me I have been threading it wrong for like, a year (seriously), so I kind of cheated around the sleeves and serged them.  

So now my question is, go back to the Family Reunion because I hate having UFO's, or set it aside and play with my new patterns that just arrived today.... Hm....


  1. Oh, it is lovely, Brittney - love it in the one fabric. And your bound seams are very pretty ;-)
    I hate narrow hems too - narrow, curved are the worst!
    As to the UFO v new patterns - do as you wish! (I still have a family reunion UFO from last December....)

  2. I have been working on a rotation of one 'new project, one UFO'. It seems to make getting to the bottom of that pile less painful.

    I love denim dresses, so cute and practical! This is lovely!

  3. I LOVE it, but then again we love the book report at my house. G went off to school this morning wearing her orange one (with bike shorts underneath). I vote for shorter sleeves....but if I were my house I would never deal with the hassle of alterations after the fact. I plan on trying a bias strip to hem my next one b/c I too hate the curved hem.

  4. Bias tape to finish curved hems. Trust me on this one.

    I love this dress, this is one of my favorite Book Report dresses I've seen - the chambray is just lovely.

    I do think the sleeves would cuter a tad longer, or a tad shorter ... just my opinion.

  5. It's adorable in chambray! I love the bound pretty.:) That's great that hubby was able to "fix" the serger.;)