Wednesday, October 23, 2013


So I was so excited after wearing yesterday's Weekend Getaway I knew I wanted another. Immediately.  So last night I cut one out of some yummy Lisette Lawn I had in my stash.  Originally it was bought to be a Washi, but I have managed to misplace my pattern (downside of paper patterns).  I have the red and blue colorway, but I thought the blue looked more "fallish", the other reminds me more of spring. 
I had left all my supplies sitting on the counter and had already finished the front facings, the darts and the back the night before.  I tend not to sew while the girls are awake, with two of them I need eyes on them at all time (BIG troublemakers).  Well, I left one in the kitchen while she was eating breakfast and changed a diaper, then switched girls for the next diaper.  When I put them down for naps and went to sew on my front facings to the front bodice, I noticed 5 giant triangular marks.  Scissor points, to be exact.  Sigh.  Luckily I had enough to cut another front bodice (only one was destroyed), so I sewed on the facings and went to the next step- sewing the shoulder seams.  I was crushed to see there were also cut marks on the back of the blouse (and the pattern instructions).  Again, sigh.  I did have enough left to cut another back- barely.  Moral of the story?  Keep scissors away from the two year olds. 
So while it seemed like the blouse was doomed, I am so, so happy I had enough (as this fabric has now been discontinued), and so glad I didn't use the red color way because no way I had enough of that!  

Okay, after my long, sad story, a reminder that I made the Liesl and Co Weekend Getaway.  I again made the size 14 and was lazy enough to skip the FBA that I *should* have done (remember the first one?  I took a smaller side seam allowance to make up for the FBA laziness).  After wearing the first blouse for a few hours I realized I would like it a bit longer, so this one I lengthened by 2" (5'4" over here).  I don't mind the length of the original pattern, but while chasing twins and getting up and down from playing toys I just felt like I wanted a little more coverage.

I was also too lazy to take up close pictures of all the other details since I did that yesterday, plus the fabric was really hard to photograph in the mirror.  In case you haven't seen the fabric before, the white dots have green spots inside them. 

So, have you bought the pattern yet?  If not, you should! 


  1. The color looks great on you and I do like the longer length!

  2. I loved the pink one, but totally adore this one!
    To repeat myself - really flattering on you :-)

  3. I am so glad you were able to save this blouse, because it's perfect! I love the longer length and this fabric is really lovely.

  4. You are so darn fast! Looks FAB-U-LOUS.

  5. Oh my goodness, you have been a sewing FIEND! Very nicely done! I love seeing them all on you, too. Thanks so much!

  6. You look great! The fabric and pattern really suit you!