Monday, April 21, 2014

Ruched Maternity Tee.

Dear Old Navy + Target, see through maternity shirts aren't cool.  I officially now hate you both for the amount of times I have bought a shirt, torn off the tags and realized it was see through (I think I am up to four).  Guess that's what I get for not trying things on in the store.  

So, I bought the Megan Nielsen Ruched Maternity Tee waaay back when I found out I was knocked up, I think I was like 6 weeks when I hunted down the one and only paper pattern I could find online.  Guess what?  It's now available in PDF form!  Which would have helped (not only the pocket book) because I misplaced my pattern for like ever.  (Sorry Sarah, I really did mean to send it along to you! I still can if you still want it...)  

I made one early in my second tri but thought I could just ignore the seam allowance suggestion, 5/8" for knit is so weird to me!  So I went down a size and went with 1/4" seam allowances.   It worked out alright, but I figured I should probably follow the pattern if I wanted the best fit.  

Based off my first one, I added some length  to the front and back, but I think I could have done even more, I don't like my shirts being too short, especially when they could expose belly.

I used this ponte de roma knit from girlcharlee.

I didn't have any thread that matched and being in the middle of potty training the twins (kill me now) I wasn't going to the store for any.  I used gray, though it looks a little whiter to me in the pictures.  Again, based off my first go at the tee I raised the neckline in the front because it dipped a little too low for my liking.

I am going to try to sneak a few more of these in this week, my wardrobe is kind of lacking in the maternity department being I gave away all mine after the twins.  I probably should have made them earlier to get more wear, oh well!

P.S.  this is me at 29 weeks, yeehaw!


  1. It's a really lovely tee Brittney - love the ruching and the colour
    Hope the potty training goes ok!

  2. You look gorgeous
    Ah, I remember it well, two little bottoms on one lavvy!

  3. I love this!! This was my favorite maternity pattern during my pregnancy. Pottytraining twins? Seriously, you should get a medal. SHUDDER. My least favorite part of parenting, no question. Maggie is now going on the potty occasionally, but instead of being thrilled, I find the whole thing exhausting!

  4. You are gorgeous, Brittney! I love the new shirt. It's a very pretty color on you.:)