Thursday, January 28, 2016

Check, check.

I got a hold of this aaaaahmazing Robert Kaufman gingham and knew immediately what I wanted to do.

I just didn't know what it was called to figure out which pattern to look for, so I decided to modify one of the ones I already owned.  I used the Oliver and S Playtime Dress/tunic and lengthened the shoulder and under arm area out and lined the bodice instead of using the facings.  

I fussy cut the plaid to near perfection, not going to lie, it was a very proud moment.  However, I wasn't as careful on the back lining pieces so when I folded the arm up it doesn't quite match and it's more noticeable in the back.  So I showed my insecurities and asked on instagram if I should keep it folded up or not and got a definite yes to folding.  So I folded it up just a little more than on my quick cell shot and got it closer to matching then tacked it down.  I realize it is silly and no one else probably will notice if it doesn't match exactly.

I made a size 4, added some fullness to the skirt and 2" to the length.  I am so excited it came out pretty much how I imagined!