Saturday, May 19, 2012

Skinny tee for the big girl.

I am so excited.  The fabulous Rae will soon (like next week, I think) be releasing her flashback skinny tee in larger sizes!! She put out the call for testers on facebook earlier this week so I volunteered and I was one of the lucky ones who was picked.  I have made this pattern many times for the boy... perhaps a few too many... (nah!) and was bummed that Abby was just out of the size range. 

I made up a size six in a jersey knit from girlcharlee.  It isn't really quite as vibrant in real life as it is showing up on the computer...

She loves it, I love it.

I love the skinny look.  I make Jack the bigger size so it lasts longer, but I may have to go down a size and get this effect.


  1. Oh, I didn't realize Rae is releasing the skinny tee in larger sizes! AWESOME! I'm loving it for Joe, and the little kids shouldn't get all the good patterns, huh? The tee looks great - the fit is perfect!

  2. The top looks wonderful and the fit is spot on!

  3. it's great!! i tested the 14 on my almost 12 yo. i had a little issue with the neckband - it looks too stretched out so maybe it's too long? ( can i ask what length you cut yours? i have 9 yo boy/girl twins.... i barely remember those early days. your kids are darling!