Friday, September 14, 2012

Rainy sky.

So what have I done with my Ottobre subscription? Not much, ha! Other than the one dress I made my magazines have sat in the corner. And I may have misplaced a few of the pattern sheets.  Oops.  So today I got out the 4/2012 meaning to make Abby leggings, but I ended up making a pair for the twins.  Well, turns out just small one. 
I made #2 Rainy sky with some jegging material I have had for ages.  I made hip size 68 with the length of 74.  They fit pretty good on George, but they are pretty tight at the ankles so there is no way they would stretch over Izzy's cute chubby feet.  It was a close one even with George.  But, that is my fault, I should have paid more attention and widened that bit.  Come to think of it, the fact that I forgot to add seam allowance probably paid a huge role in the fit at the ankle...


Also wearing her classic picnic top:)

Oh how I love these.  I have like 3 yards or so, so I will likely make another pair a bit bigger for Elizabeth.  Also, I did the elastic waistband before I tried it on either of them, so I made it right for Izzy (so big on George) and since it wont fit Iz I should take the elastic in a bit.  But we shall see, I am not really that bothered:)

What really sold me was the gathered knees and little bows on the ankles. AAH! So much cuteness!!


  1. There are adorable! There was quite a bit I liked in that issue but I have yet to pull it out and sew from it. I must get on that!

    1. I thought there was lots of good stuff this time! But I haven't made anything since it hasn't been even lukewarm here:)

  2. Thanks! Pretty sure they will have a stack of these by winter:)

  3. Super cute!! I love leggings on little girls (well, babies in general). :-)