Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Polka dot shorts.

Girlfriends need some new shorts, and what better short pattern to start with than the Oliver + S Puppet Show Shorts?  I have made them lots before and just love the look of them. 

Girls measured in to a 2T (Izzy) and 18M (George), so I went with 2T so they could both wear them.

I used a lightweight twill from Jo-Ann I picked up last season, they love their "polka ots shorts".

They are both recently obsessed with pockets.  They wont put anything in there except their hands, but they walk around most of the day with their hands stuffed in them. 

I am guessing because they are 2T they are still sized for diapers, which finally the girls are no longer in!  So we get a droopy bum, but that's a-okay!  I also have 2 pairs cut in denim waiting in the to-sew pile, but first a Hide and Seek top for Abby.


  1. I love this pattern, and it is really cute in the polka dots!

  2. Cuteness! This pattern is on my to-sew list for Maggie this summer!

  3. I love those shorts! We have such a poor range of patterned twill over here, it frustrates me. They make great shorts (and isn't it nice to be moving on from nappies? We are 95% there with L)

  4. Love this pattern and the polka dots! How is the fabric holding up?