Monday, June 2, 2014

Shandiin Tank.

Miss Abby needs some new tops, so here is her first one.

This is the Shandiin Tank, size 8.  I rarely buy a pattern the first time I see it, but after seeing Cindy's versions (especially K's) I immediately bought it.

I found this awesome sauce lace at Jo-ann last time I was in and just knew it was destined to be paired with this pattern. 

(P.S. she is also wearing her chambray shorts)

I love the unique back, and that it doesn't show too much skin.

It is sort of washed out in these pictures, but it is a cream top, not white.

My only complaint is the arm holes are quite low, low enough that she has requested a shirt to go under it so she feels more comfortable.


  1. It's really pretty on her Brittney - love it in the cream.
    (Shame about the armholes....)

  2. It is very pretty on her. But I can see how she would want something underneath- I would too! The arms holes do look low.

  3. Looks nice and breezy, perfect for hot weather! I wonder if you went down a size if that would take up some of the slack?

  4. I'm going to buy this pattern after I finish my bust, Missy would love it. Abby is gorgeous.

  5. Its gorgeous, I love the detailing at the back and the lace is so pretty.

  6. Oh, this is so pretty!!! I do want to tinker with those armholes, though. That's an issue I sometimes run into with clothes for me too. If this size seems correct otherwise (it looks loose but comfortable) I bet you could just redraft it a bit higher.