Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Shorts with pockets.

It's getting warmer here and that means we are in need of some shorts around these parts.  Around the time I was testing the Laura dress/tunic for The Lily Bird Studio she also was requesting a few people to sew up some of her patterns to get more pictures so I volunteered for a pair of shorts and an A-line dress (that pictures will be coming for when the twins are up to it).  

These are the Shorts with pockets in size 8 which is what she would wear in RTW if she wasn't so darn tall for her age, ha! If I buy any bottoms for her they have to be a 10 for the length, which means they are huge on her in the waist.  Sadly that is what she has been dealing with for pants all winter as I wasn't feeling up to sewing much due to being in my first tri with little brother.

I chose chambray, I think I could use chambray on everything but try to limit myself.

They have elastic for the waist attached to some strings of fabric for a faux drawstring look.  I am struggling to tie it right... (that's all me, not the pattern)

Nice deep pockets.

I am not sure if she can get away with them for school due to the length, but she is going to try as they are her "most comfortable pair of shorts ever!".

She is also wearing her Classic Picnic blouse that she has pretty much worn to death.  She will wear it 2-3 times a week if it is clean, ha!  It's getting a little short so she will soon need a new one, but who can blame her with that yummy lawn?

Don't forget, now until March 26th you can get 20% off your whole purchase of $6 or more by entering the code sewing4four at the Lily Bird Studio's website!


  1. These are a great older girl look Britters. I agree with you. EVERYTHING looks better in chambray.

  2. Such a cute ensemble! I love the shorts (it's so true - I could sew EVERYTHING in chambray! it always looks amazing!), and I am totally digging your Class Picnic with ric-rac.

  3. These are really great Brittney - also agree with your chambray assessment :)
    Love that class picnic too

  4. such an adorable outfit!!!! Love the fabrics.

  5. Such cute shorts! They look great paired with the Class Picnic blouse.

    We have the same problem with MG...her legs are so long but she's very tiny width wise. All her RTW jeans have the button hole elastic pulled very tight so that they stay up!

  6. Those shorts are fantastic. I love finding a pattern that actually is an appropriate style for all of the sizes it is available in. My daughter is only one, but we are already having the problem that her height is much greater than her waist size.