Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Laura Dress and a tunic.

 I was asked a while back to test a new pattern for Lily Bird Studio called the Laura dress and tunic.  I jumped at the chance when she sent along a picture of it, so cute!  So I decided that the twins would get one of each, a tunic and a dress.

The box pleat kills me dead.  I didn't have time before leaving on vacation to get a better location for a shoot than my front yard, so I thought why not pack them and get some in a place I wont ever get to shoot again?

Yeaaaaah, Elizabeth was less than cooperative.

To be fair though, these were taken after she had just had a bath after seeing the ocean for the first time.

No matter how many fruit snacks or pleads from me would work on her.  Even George was trying to tell her to stand still and smile, ha!

She wasn't having any of it though.

Poor frustrated George.

She loves having her picture taken in new clothes though.  A few days ago I bought her a new RTW shirt and she insisted on me taking a picture of her wearing it for the first time, silly girl.

I eventually gave up and moved on though.  No matter how hard I tried I wasn't going to get a good shot of them together.

So, on to the details of the pattern:

There are actually two collar options (even though I only chose one), a peter pan and a rolled collar.  The rolled collar is super cute to though, make sure to check it out!

Oh how I love snaps, especially at this age.

The sleeve is really neat, it is fully lined.  I love the look it gives, and the satisfaction I got from learning a new technique.   It is also gathered a little, which gives it a nice shape.

There is also a front and partial back facing and understitching.  Oh how I love understitching, it is so nice that it keeps the facing in place.

To be honest, the peter pan collar and the box pleat sold me on the pattern, but I love all the extra little details.  I definitely want to try the other collar option soon.  The girls love them and have already staked their claim to their favorite (the ones they are wearing in the pictures).

The pattern will be out soon, and I will update when it is in her shop.  It is now available! Check it out here, the introductory price is $5- totally worth it IMO!  Also, if you spend over $6 in her shop, Cecilia has kindly offered 20% off your entire purchase using the code sewing4four, so go crazy! ;)  P.S. that code is good from now until March 26th!


  1. So cute, Britters.
    Have a fab holiday.

  2. Happy holiday! Your girls are becoming more and more alike. Love this dress, reminds me of the Puppet Show a bit.

    1. They do look more alike to me now too. That is what I first thought of, the Puppet Show, a lot quicker sew though;)

  3. The dresses are so cute, but really, cooperative or no, your girls steal the show! So lovely! I love seeing their strong bond too.

    1. They can be little stinkers, but I still heart them, haha:)

  4. Super-cute dresses. I love that George was trying to get her to cooperate. The pictures tell the whole story!

  5. The girls are adorable! That's really neat how the collar is attached. I love the lines of this pattern.:)