Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A-line dresses.

As mentioned earlier, I had these A-line Dresses from Lily Bird Studio to photograph.  The twins were *somewhat* cooperative today.  They are much easier to take pictures separately, but I do love the ones I get of them together.  

George is usually the good one, she will keep focused on the camera, though she gives me some really funny faces about half the time.

I knew there would likely be a fight over the dress with ice creams so I added some fun little bobble trim to this plain one.  While she still wanted the ice cream dress, she warmed up to this one.  Um, it could have also been the promise of a doughnut hole if she let me take her picture...

Look!  Elizabeth is actually looking at the camera- and smiling!! That almost never happens.

She enjoyed peeking at the neighbors yard through the cracks and holes in the fence.

Excuse the wonky stitching on the ribbon it was shifty... and the permanent marker tags, I have some how managed to misplace all my 3T tags!

The dresses are partially lined and I chose to line each one with the opposite fabric.  These are actually a size 2 but I forgot and am not unpicking my ribbons.

They have seriously sprouted up in the last few weeks.  They have worn dresses all this week and every time someone different has commented on how they are outgrowing them.  I added a little length but I think I could have added more, especially if I wanted them to last longer.  That's alright though, just means more little girl sewing down the line;).

The pattern is super easy, in fact, I think it would be a great beginner pattern.  I had both cut and sewn within a couple of hours.

Now, what to sew next? ...


  1. These are totally adorable - and love their pigtails
    I have looked at this pattern quite a few times, but as I already have more than one a-line pattern, I have never been able to justify it

  2. So adorable! Mine aren't twins, but it's still tricky sewing for them because I tend to sew things in pairs and one item is always considered prettier ... and they are close enough in size that it is "worth it" to them to fight over the garments. Sigh. Girls, right? The dresses are adorable, and they can probably be worn as tunics when the length is outgrown!

  3. They are adorable and I love the dresses. I will have to go check out the pattern.

  4. So cute! I do love the photos of them together - it's worth the effort!

  5. Adorable girls and dresses! Pom pom trim is the best!!!

  6. They have grown quite a bit here recently! As always, they are adorable.:) Both dresses are super cute. I love the pom pom trim on the solid dress!