Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A winter picnic.

Abby has requested some more shirts, long sleeve in particular, though this one isn't.  I talked her in to the classic picnic top by telling her she could wear a long sleeve shirt under it.  I made a size 6 but lengthened it quite a bit and also only hemmed the sleeves an inch total rather than the 1 3/4" called for in the pattern.  I also used a lawn from Jo-ann that I picked up last spring, I only had one yard and managed to cut it in that! I was worried that I wouldn't be able to make it work, but since it isn't a directional print I just turned the front yoke slightly to make it work. 

And she loves it.  It is a really hard fabric to picture, plus it is nice and cloudy outside so ya know how the lighting goes. 

Inspired by Justine, I added white ric rac to the front and back yoke to break up the busy print.  I am pretty sure that is what took her feelings from like to love on this shirt.  I considered putting some at the hem too, but thought it might be too much.  I just want to pet the fabric, it is so soft.  Time to plan the next shirt for her, it is so much easier to sew when she is home to try things on as needed!  Though the two bigs are already fighting like crazy and we are only a few days in to Christmas break, oh dear!


  1. The rick rack is perfect.
    It gives definition to the yoke.

    Abby is stunning.
    xx N

  2. I love this top, Brittney - such pretty fabric :-)
    (& of course the ricrac is perfect!)

  3. Love your version!
    I do love how this pattern works on an "older" girl! She's so beautiful!