Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Eat your veggies.

Back so soon? This set went together a bit quicker than the last.  Or maybe it was because I snuck in a little extra time early in the morning when I put on a movie for the kids... It had dogs, the twins loved it.  And Jack was totally oblivious to anything and everything I was doing, so I scored a free hour! Those are nice every once in a while. 
Again, these are from the book Big little felt universe.  When I rented it a few months back I made the eggplant, well Ben has this rule that if the felt food is left on the ground at the end of the night, he will just throw it away. He HATES the stuff.  I have lost broccoli, cauliflower (both ten individual pieces), a chocoalte bar, and the eggplant.  Yikes!  Naughty Daddy.  Anyway, so Jack was pretty sad he doesn't have an eggplant anymore (he doesn't realize Ben tossed it) and it was his first request when he realized what the book was. 


There is a white radish, radish, tomato, carrot and eggplant in the set.  I love this book because of the great details.

Like how you don't sew the bottom of the radish, and how she has you sew the veins in the leaves.

Or how you are instructed not to sew the leaves down on the tomato, looks just like the real thing.

And how you use two different greens for the white radish.

Just as I love the detail in garment sewing, I also love it in felt food. (pretty much all sewing, to be honest!) It just gives it that little extra touch.  I may be super slightly obsessed with making felt food...


  1. You are going to have a whole fruit shop full soon Brittney!
    (Ben sounds like John....;-) )

  2. How could he!
    They are gorgeous.
    xx N