Friday, December 21, 2012

Geranium dress.

I recently got an e-mail from Rae asking if I would be interested in testing her new little girl pattern.  Um, heck yes!  I have tested for her before on the Pierrot and Flashback big kid size and it was so interesting and fun I just couldn't resist.  The twins have been needing a new dress or two for church, so this was the perfect excuse!  Plus, I like to put them in dresses during the week too, there is just something about a little girl in a dress. 
So first up I went with straight View B, aka mini washi.  I had this color saved for an Apple picking dress, even had the buttons for it, but I just thought this color would be perfect for the Geranium.  

I found it to be a quick sew, and spot on in the fit.  Izzy measured right in the 18m size so that is the size I picked for both (George will catch up eventually, that just means longer wear for her!) It has pleats in the front and back, and button closure, and there are side seam pockets- not that she will use them, my kids aren't interested in pockets.  I keep forgetting to get a back shot.  I LOVE this dress so much.  You can't tell in this photo, but I added 4 rows of white stitching on the hem to give it a little something extra. And it is a Michael Miller cotton, not sure of the name of the color... I tend not to pay attention...

Now on to the next dress.  I like to make a dress exactly as the pattern and instructions suggest, (especially when testing, heehee) and the next time around try and make it "mine".  I pretty much had this version in my head as soon as the last stitch was sewn on the first dress. 

It is a Lisette chambray, oh so soft! Again this is View B, but I left off the cut out at the neckline, eliminated the side pockets, opting instead for the patch ones (included in the pattern), added pompoms at the pockets and hem, and gathered instead of pleating.  Confession, it still doesn't have buttons in the back, I haven't found the "right ones" just yet.  Sounds like a good excuse to hit up the fabric store later today!

Georgia is getting quite the personality lately, she LOVES to have her hair done (wetted and brushed) and usually brings me this headband.  While they are still engaging in "twin talk" aka very few actual words, but they seem to know what each other mean, she babbles a lot on this phone.  Hilarious.

I will update the post later with the pattern link when Rae releases the pattern, but I thought I may as well blog it while the twins are behaving (for once!) since she has already put up the tester photos.  Go check them out, good stuff! And I highly recommend this pattern!!  If it is ever offered in bigger sizes Abby has demanded requested one too:) 

*Here is the link for the pattern*


  1. that is super cute! both versions!

  2. Love both of your versions, Brittney - can't wait to try this out for Lucy (just got my pattern ;-) )

  3. I'm adding this pattern to my list! Love both versions that you sewed.:)

  4. Oh my goodness, these are ADORABLE. Love the little pockets and buttons on the second version!