Thursday, December 27, 2012

S'more winter wear.

Last night I managed another 1 1/2 t-shirts before my serger needle snapped in half... and I realized I am out of needles. Grrr... So I shall only show the one I finished (and one from a while ago I never blogged). 
I used Cindy's knockoff Gymboree tee tutorial, but used the flashback tee for the yoke and hopscotch for the rest.  I used a black knit and a chevron knit from girlcharlee.  I bought it way back when she first had them printed and only had black and white, cream and white, and pink and black (which I also got a yard) now there are so many! Makes me want another yard or two in a different color.

Little Miss Sass. This is a size 6, btw.  She was mad I made her comb her hair and take a picture, so she refused to take off her pj pants. 

The next one I made for family pictures waaay back in November.  Sadly for me, since I take the pictures, we got a group shot of the whole extended family but by the time I tried to do my individual family pictures (after everyone else got their individuals) the twins would have none of it.  So, this crummy picture is all I have to show of the dress. 

(also a size 6) This is before it was too cold to take pictures outside:)... in my yucky backyard.  That is on the list first thing come spring!  The left sleeve looks a little shorter, but it isn't- I promise.  She LOVES this dress and wears it a lot, even to school which is a big deal being she normally refuses to wear dresses to school.   This knit is also from girlcharlee, and if I could pull off horizontal stripes I would have used it for me, ha! Mustard is pretty much my favorite color.


  1. She totally has a teen look to her in that first picture even though you have several more years before that stage!lol Love both the top and the dress.:)

  2. Yes, little miss Sass! Ahhh, girls.....
    Both are great, although I love the mustard one :-)