Sunday, May 10, 2015

Recent makes for me.

I tend to get on kicks when sewing for a certain person.  No matter how hard I try to implement Nicole's rota system I just can't, and her sweet Hugo even made me a chart.  (I swear I will put it to use Hugo... someday).  So lately I have been sewing for myself. 

I made myself a few Bento Tees.  I have one more cut out and another one planned.  I added 3" to the length as I prefer my shirts longer.  This is a favorite and I have worn it quite a few times in the week it has been made.  This knit was initially ordered to make something for the twins, but once I made my first Bento (see below) I had to have this for me, no regrets.  I even eeked it out in less fabric than called for with some creative cutting.

This was my test run Bento.  I found a heathered mystery knit at a local shop that I planned to use for a Parachute Polo for one of the boys, but I decided to give it a try for me.  I love it.

This Cappuccino Tunic was made during the sew-along, though I didn't get it photographed until much later so you'll just have to believe me.  I made it in a really drapey fabric I have no idea of the content, though I wish I had paid attention to the bolt because I love it.  I forgot the FBA on this one and it is a little tight across the chest, but I still wear it occasionally.

Last night I got this crazy idea I needed a new dress to wear to church for Mother's Day.  The worst part was I had been thinking about making it all day but was trying to talk myself out of it.  Then as I was putting the kids to bed I decided it  So I did.  I made most of it last night and finished up the side seams, hem and sleeve hem this morning (yay for one o'clock church).

Mr. Sam wasn't so happy today so he got to be in the picture too.

I was worried that I would need to lengthen the dress, but I had Ben help me with the tape measure last night and saw that the finished length would likely be alright for my preferences, which was a good thing because I couldn't figure out where to lengthen the pattern and I didn't want to take the time to read through all the instructions to figure it out (because of the time crunch).

 The very first thing Georgia said to me was "Pockets mommy!  You can take my Elsa Barbie to church for me in your pockets!"  I found that pretty hilarious.  This time I remembered the FBA.  I used this fabric and absolutely love it.  I was worried about how much it might wrinkle but decided to go ahead anyways and am glad I did.  It did wrinkle some as the day went on, but not enough for me to be super annoyed.

I can't remember the last time I wore a dress.  Well, I should say a knee length dress, I did have a maxi dress I wore during my pregnancy with Sam.

Aaaand I pretty much want another one of these, it's so comfy.  It doesn't work for nursing, though (obviously).  So it's either a home dress or a short time away from home dress.

I also made two muslins of Rae's new pattern that is coming out later this month and am dying to make a real one now.  It's so cute, and the short sleeve version (with no contrasts) is such a quick sew.  I also tried the view with 3/4 sleeves and contrast hem, sleeve and placket.  But since I literally made them in muslin I am not showing those photos off, ha!  So, sorry to the rota, but I think I may put it off a little while more...


  1. Ooh that dress suits you so much! You should make more ;-)
    There are some really good and useful additions to your wardrobe here, well done!

  2. Cute! I really like the dress - it looks comfy and put-together at the same time.

  3. You look great!!! Go selfish sewing! I'm like you, I sew what I feel like sewing that day, and generally resist too much planning. A rota is awesome, but wouldn't work for me - it's too much like work! LOL!

  4. You look fabulous (& I love the pockets too).

  5. Looking good, Britt! I love the test Bento...the fabric reminds me of my favorite t-shirt.;) Yay for all the selfish sewing!