Thursday, September 10, 2015

Lane raglans.

I am currently in the middle of an obsession with the Hey June Lane Raglan. I love elbow length sleeves, and now that it's *sort of* transitioning in to cooler weather (read: under 100* most days) they can be worn without dying.  I can get the sleeves in just about a half yard, so I have been rummaging through my stash to see what isn't too little kiddy.  

Recently Raspberry Creek Fabrics came out with their own line of fabrics, and they are fantastic.  Diana has a facebook group and she is just the sweetest, also she has fantastic prices, great selection, great customer service and fast shipping.  No, I am not being paid or anything for saying this, I just want her to stay in business so I can buy all the fabric.

Anyways, a gal in the facebook group posted a nearly identical top (her's had a gray neckband) and I knew right then I wanted to copy her.

I love this one, I think it's my current second favorite.

This was actually my first one, I still wear it, but this is a size bigger than the rest so the neck is too big on me and can sometimes show a bra strap.  That's what I get for panicking when choosing a size.

I added a few inches to the length to make up for not doing a hem band as I was trying to quickly make this before a vacation, but it was unnecessary.  Apparently I am short, I should have remembered that.

Not much to say here... just documenting for myself, haha.  Oh, and Riley Blake knits are rad.

This one is my current favorite.  I added a sleeve cuff to this one.

On all of the shirts, I left off the hem band.  I added one to my gray and floral, but it hit me at a weird place, so I cut it off and just hemmed it.

 This is the Raspberry Creek french terry, the top shirt was the jersey.  I should have sized up on this one since this french terry doesn't have a lot of stretch, but it's just motivation to keep up on my exercising, I guess!

The only change I made, was to line the hood.

So, in conclusion, I super love this pattern.


  1. I adore that hoodie, all the more so because it is French terry! It's really cute on you.

  2. French terry is so smart!
    You look wuverly!
    xx N

  3. Thanks Masha and Nicole! I am excited to start working with French Terry more, it is so wonderful.