Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Swingset skirts.

Did you see?  Oliver and S just released the swingset skirt in a giant size range, and better yet, all in the same file.  Previously it only went to a 5, now it goes to a 14!  Seriously a 14!   I am super excited about that especially as Abby is nearing size 10/12 in them.  While I am firmly a #teampaper kind of girl, I knew there wouldn't be too many pages to tape together as I have the smallest sizes in paper.  

I started with one for the twins, and since it's still so unbelievably hot here I styled it for summer. This is a size 4.

As soon as George saw it, she claimed it as her own.  Then, she said 'mommy, can we puhweese take a picsha so I kin wear it?'.  She knows the rule, can't wear it until it's officially photographed, haha!

I took a chance and showed it to Abby, I was so happy to see when Liesl introduced the pattern she included it on older girls, that's what sold it to her.  I still wasn't convinced she'd actually wear it, though, so I made it out of my go-to cheap fabric.  My magical hardware/fabric shop has this poly gingham that is so cheap and doesn't wrinkle, it's fabulous.  I used the rest of this awesome pre-made bias tape I have been slowly working my way through.  I nearly went neon pink, but I am glad I went with this.

She likes her skirts at least to her knees, so I went with the size 10 and used 14 for the length.  She LOVES it.  Put it on immediately and plans to wear it tomorrow to school, that's the highest form of praise from her.

I also made her a School Bus Tee size 12 with length.  I went with elbow length sleeves and added a cuff.


  1. These are great! I love when patterns go to larger sizes. My dd is now in a 12 pushing toward a 14 and she is only 9yrs old. The graphic on your bottom tee is beautiful!! My kids have the same rule, lol. They don't enjoy taking pics though sadly.

  2. Both skirts are gorgeous, and how wonderful that their recipients are so enthusiastic!. You gotta love patterns with such a wide range of sizes!

  3. Both outfits are adorable on your girls! I love the skirts.:)

  4. I love these skirts!!! I need this pattern! The twirliness!

  5. please, please, please reveal where you found the "wild one" graphic, or what font you used to create it.