Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Size test.

Do you ever get an idea that you just can't shake, and have to execute as soon as possible?  I do, too much.  Sam is growing out of his current t-shirts and doesn't currently have any shorts, so I decided to do a quick run through of these patterns before I cut a stack out. 

I haven't tried the Sunny Day Shorts before because honestly, I thought they were boring.   Yeah, maybe they are boring, but they are perfect for a beginner, fit just as I thought they would and were a great quick sew with lots of customization possibilities.  Plus, you can't beat a price tag of $0. 

I made these in a size 2t and kind of panicked that they would end up too big, but really, they are perfect.  I managed to get them from a weird sized scrap I held on to for a 'just in case' that I didn't ever think I would actually use, so it kind of is like they were free, ha! 

The t-shirt is my go-to Oliver and S School Bus T-shirt in a straight size 2t also.  Again, I thought I'd end up setting it aside for a while, but it fits just fine.  A little long, but that's how I want things to start- I can't keep up with growth spurts sometimes!

I added a heat transfer vinyl to the shirt I cut with my silhouette, so much faster than freezer paper, ha!

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  1. These are adorable and I love his little faux hawk!!! So cute. Giraffe with sunglasses? where do you come up with this stuff?!! You make the best graphic tees.