Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A new tee for every day of the week.

This is what a whole week's worth of new shirts looks like.  I haven't made anything for Jack in what feels like forever, and then I go and over do it, ha! 

This is where it all started, I ran across a photo of a similar shirt on the internet, I think it may have been from Nordstrom. I immediately decided Jack needed it in his life, he didn't agree so much, but I am sure once it hangs in his closet a bit he will love it.  This kid usually takes a little to warm up to new things.

I drew the graphic in Photoshop then cut it from heat transfer vinyl with my silhouette.  I wasn't sure how much use I'd get from the SIL, but I am absolutely loving it.  

After designing the first one, I stayed up way too long past my bedtime designing a few more for him.

I used the same pattern for all of the shirts, the Oliver and S School Bus t-shirt in a size 8.

He wasn't thrilled with this one either, but the fabric is super soft, so I am sure he will end up loving it.

This was Abby's favorite, she asked for an identical one, though she currently has enough shirts in her closet so if it does happen it wont be for a while.

This one was his favorite, he even requested it after I made Ben a shirt just like it.  The kid has no idea who Ron Swanson is or why he is so funny, but he loves what the shirt has to say.

This one was a close second, and I don't blame him.  Not only do I love the print, but it is oh so soft, too.

Not a bad way to round out Kids Clothes Week.


  1. Can you make the eggs and bacon one in my size please? Love them!

  2. Wow! You are so clever. Love them all, but especially that shark!

  3. These are great! My son Jack just turned 8...I clearly need to make him some tshirts! :)