Friday, March 18, 2016

Camden Raglan.

I got wind Adrianna from Hey June was planning to start a juniors line (sizes 6-16) and I started dropping not so subtle hints I was super excited for it.  So, she sent me an early version of the raglan pattern and I sewed up two versions (not pictured on the blog) then joined in with the testing group when she got that far.  Abby was so excited, she had long commented on my Lanes, I knew she would love this one.

The Camden Raglan is a more fitted and shaped raglan, ie, definitely not a unisex raglan.  And as much as I love my Field Trip raglans, I wanted a more fitted, less brother could borrow it kind of shirt. 

The pattern includes sizes 6-16 and lots of options.

The sleeve stripes are one of those options.  I had this HTV I had been sitting on for a while, not sure what to do with it.  Abby requested it because Taylor Swift.  22 is one of her songs and Red is one of her albums, so Abby wanted a red 22 on a shirt.  

By the time I made this, I wasn't sure if she'd get too much wear out of it.  She had already stopped wearing hoodies to school in the morning, but it ended up being perfect for our vacation we took last week to the beach.  She wore it on those cool morning walks on the beach, and I am sure it will be perfect for camping this summer.

These next two were made with earlier versions of the pattern, but since  I like to keep record of all my makes and she wears them constantly, I am including them.

Again, early version.  I love the long cuffs on the pattern, next fall I want to try them on my beloved Lane.

Rumor has it eventually there will be more mini size patterns based on some of Adrianna's adult patterns, I for one am crazy excited for a mini Union.


  1. Love the red one and she is gorgeous!

  2. Seriously, why didn't I discover your blog sooner?? My I've just liked every one of your posts I read on bloglovin. Found myself in good company as I saw Liesl Gibson saved all your makes 😁! I found your blog as I searched for anyone comparing the field trip raglan with the camden, and lo and behold you answered my question (should I get a Camden for my growing eldest daughter as I find the field trip not fitted enough and she requires something more mature, all of a sudden; answer: yes of course I should, that is not pattern hoarding but absolutely sensible housekeeping 😆) Sewing for three (girl boy girl) I'm hoping you'll pick up blogging again bc this is SERIOUSLY inspiring. Thank you!