Friday, April 8, 2016

A trio of Geraniums.


As George wore this dress today, I realized I never blogged it or the other two recent Geranium Dress makes.

I have been obsessing over print mixing, particularly floral and stripes.  I have made so many of these in the past, I thought it would be fun to mix things up a bit so I added a curve to the front bodice.

This is a size 4 with length.  The twins have been growing up and not out lately, it seems as though they have been in size 4 forever.

Again, mixing things up, I added a hem band and piping in between the skirt and band.

This one was just basic, but the first time I did gathering rather than the pleats.

I saw this tapestry at Target a year or so ago and decided it had to be mine.  I finally decided to cut in to it and don't regret it at all.  It is actually kind of nice, it must be some sort of poly blend because it doesn't wrinkle easily.


  1. I love the curved shape of the top part!

  2. So cute. I forever adore stripes and florals together and the curved bodice is perfect. I know what you mean about the eternal size 4 - my girls are 5 and 6 and seem to fit best into a lengthened 4 in most cases. Though there is one nightgown pattern which I made up into lengthened 2s two years ago and they are STILL wearing them with no signs that the garments are two small. Sewing for the win!

  3. They're all super cute. Love that grey chevron fabric! My daughter also wears things forever - they just get shorter and shorter!