Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A pair of Playtimes.

Continuing on with projects sewn but not blogged, two sets of Playtime Dresses and leggings.  I was contacted in December by Danielle, the owner of Whimsical fabric, to see if I was interested in stitching up and photographing a few sample kits for an upcoming sew-along she was running.  I said of course, and she sent me the fabric for these two sets.

Though I have made the Playtime many, many times before I hadn't made them in knit before.  I didn't even think that they would fit a little bigger than the woven ones.

Both the tops and bottoms are a size 4, the leggings I added a couple of inches to for longer wear.

The blue dress I used white stitching and topstitched the neckline collar and the back detail.  For this cream dress I used orange.

The kits came with everything needed, including the buttons.

By the time I made them up in January, it was already starting to get warm here, so they haven't been able to wear them more than a month or so.  But we did have a cold snap last week so I made sure to pull them out.

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  1. Sooooo pretty! I love these! Your photos on Flickr were part of my inspiration for sewing up this pattern recently. Luckily you made them big, they will still fit next winter hopefully!