Saturday, November 26, 2016

City Park tees and Linville rompers.

For this City Park Tee I made a size 16 as that's what she measures in to and followed Adrianna's gathered dress tutorial but kept it at peplum length, per her request. I love the tip to nip it in at the waist, it gives it such a nice fit. This is actually her favorite thing from my recent Abby binge, it is made from brushed poly and she says it is soooooo soft.

This one is also a City Park made earlier in the summer from a rayon spandex.  It was made during testing and the v-neck has since been raised, combined with the fact that the rs pulls down more than a cotton lycra it made it lower than it should have been.  But she still wears it around the house and such.

This one, on the other hand, made from a cotton lycra has been one of her absolute favorite shirts.  It surprised me because I didn't think she'd like the floral, but she is actually the one who picked it out!

This is a modified Linville Romper, Abby has a couple from this summer but has gone up a size, so this time I wanted to try something different.  I lengthened the top to a tunic length and added a side split hem, per Adrianna's (aka, head boss lady at Hey June) advice.

There is a better shot of the hem, and a shot of her Conifer Jacket- I love how so many of her patterns pair so well together.

The top would have been better in a rayon or lawn, but I wasn't sure it was going to work out- so next time!

Here is a made to pattern specs Linville, I used a rayon challis for the top and a chambray for the bottom.

She loved it and got a ton of wear out of it over the summer.

We also tried out a Linville dress this summer, it didn't get as much wear due to her not loving dresses, but I like it.  I want to try a pants or maxi version this winter.

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