Friday, November 25, 2016

Laramie Shirt x2.

This pattern, ah how I love it.  This is the Laramie Shirt view b in a size 16.  The Laramie is basically the Cheyenne's adorable little sister, and it's just as good as the Cheyenne.  I wear mine waaaaay too much, so I figured I'd share the love with Abby.

And I love the way it pairs with the Conifer Vest, in fact this L was made specifically to go with the vest.

I also made this view A a while back, snaps at Abby's request.  The shirt includes french seams so it has a nice, clean finish, I really love the way it's done.

I also love Hey June's Junior's line because of the slight feminie shaping she gives the patterns.  I love that they aren't unisex but at the same time don't make her look too grown up because she's doing that one on her own (sob!).  Another shameless plug for her sale, I get nothing from it other than maybe she'll keep putting out more amazing juniors patterns, hahaha!  Anyway, until 11/27 use the code BLACKFRIDAY16 for 30% off all patterns:)

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