Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mix 'n match.

Twinsies were in desperate need of some jammies, so last night after the kids all went to bed and Ben was away on a night dive at a local lake, I busted out some fabric, patterns and some Jason Aldean and went to work.  I used my go-to t-shirt pattern, the first time I have done it in long sleeves! I have made it sooo many times and didn't realize that.  Makes sense though, because our summers are insanely hot.  Living in the desert many of our days are 105+ but the nights dip down to the 70's.  We turn the swamp cooler on at night and that cools it down quite a bit, so the kids wake up a bit chilly in the morning. It is nice though, because we turn it off in the morning when we wake and don't usually need to turn it on again until well after lunch (having two Mullberry trees that shade my house doesn't hurt either).  Anyways, back to the deets.  I used the leila and ben skinny pants pattern.  Both patterns I made in 12m, but I lengthened the shirt to hopefully get some longer wear from them. 

Yes, I did put them on the second they woke up and they have been wearing them ever since:)

I was able to punch out 4 pants and 2 shirts last night.  Woot! I still plan on making a few more shirts as they get dirty pretty easily, being babies and all.  They are all meant to be interchangeable (you're welcome Ben), and though there are two "sprinkle" pants and two brown pants each of the pants and shirts all have different wasitbands/neckbands.  Going with my whole coordinating but not matching style I have going on with the twins.

With a pink neckband.

Pink waistband.

White neckband and waistband.

Then the other two.  Ben said to me "Wow, you are getting pretty good.  I can't even tell they are homemade.  In the beginning I could definitely pick out what you made."  Um, thanks?  They aren't meant to look homemade, silly :)  The length of the shirts are where I like them, probably should have added a bit more since I want them to last... oh well... and the sleeves are just a little long.  I could have gone a little tighter on the elastic for the pants (but since they weren't awake I couldn't measure) and they just touch the ground, but don't get in the way of walking... yes, walking! They are finally to the point of walking 90% of the time. *sigh* My babies are growing up too fast.

P.S. I was reeeally craving some Neopolitan ice cream by the time I was done with these... don't they remind you of that too? Please tell me I am not crazy, ha!


  1. Not crazy at all, I starting thinking that before I even got to where you mentioned it!

  2. So funny about the compliment Ben gave you- that they don't look home made. I remember when Grace told me that about something I made Margot.

  3. They absolutely remind me of Neapolitan Ice Cream...yum! Darling pjs and I love the whole coordinating but not matching look you got going on.:)

  4. These are super cute, and very ice-creamy! :-)