Monday, July 23, 2012

Knit sailboat top.

It's back!! My desire to sew (everything) is back!! The only downside is, I have so many ideas running through my head I just don't know where to start!  I have thought about a knit sailboat top ever since I tried my first one on George. It was so cute on, but a tight fit on a wiggly baby. I have plans to make Abby a tunic length to go with leggings for school, but first I wanted to test out my skills on a smaller size. Ya know, just in case I screw something major up (which I did, more on that later...).  Girlfriends were both super ornery today, so no trying it on them just yet, but it looks like it will be a bit big on Georgia for sure, good thing Elizabeth is a good 4 1/2 pounds bigger (yes! That was how much of a difference at their doctor appointment a few weeks back!!) so she will fill it out better.

I made a 12m with 3/8" seams instead of 1/2", it just seems more natural since that is what most knit patterns I have use, plus I figured a bit more room wont hurt. Oh, I shortened the sleeves and lengthened it to the 18m size, but that is pretty standard for me to lengthen all patterns for my long torso-ed kids.  

Do you see the problem here?? I managed to sew three nice button holes (the fourth I screwed up, unpicked and re-did) but I realized only when I got to the very end - I mean, hem facing sewn, sleeves hemmed, everything serged, pressed and threads clipped- I realized the button holes were on the bottom layer. AAAAGGGGHHHH!!! I was pretty mad.  But then it hit me- VELCRO.  Not only will it solve the problem at hand, but how much easier will it be to get my spazzy 13 month old twins dressed using velcro instead of four small buttons?

So I put the soft side on top since it was a bit more flexible I figured sewing on a button through it would be easier than the rigid loop side.

I didn't really want to sew 4 buttons on through the velcro, and I remembered seeing Nicole's cute version, so that is what I copied!

Here it is in all it's glory.  I so love the O+S knit, I just wish I had picked some more up when I finally found it as it is gone now. (I probably have just enough of each color way to make one more small sized top)  It is so smooth and buttery, one of my favorites I have worked with yet.  I plan to make one in the orange color way for the other twin.  Probably with velcro, but this time on purpose, ha!


  1. Sometimes those accidents end up working out...velcro is genius for little ones! It's a cute top! I love the O+S knits too.:)

  2. Oh wow, this is super cute! I love the one button per shoulder - it's a whole different look. And I do think this top is best in a knit; I've made one in knit for Joe, and I don't think I'd bother with a woven version.