Thursday, August 16, 2012


Ah, I was so excited for these shorts.  The Puppet Show  by Oliver and S was one of their first patterns I purchased when I discovered them earlier this year.  I finally got around to making them when I realized the twins had outgrown all their shorts and only had pants and dresses left. Every now and then ya just need a pair of shorts!  Silly me, I just went with the size I normally make for them in O+S without checking the measurements. FAIL. I made two in 12 m, turns out George isn't even on the chart for this pattern!! I meausred her waist today and it is 16"... tiny, I know! She must have lost weight since she started walking because her waist was 17" before. And Izzy measures in to the 3-6 m sizes. Sigh. Totally my fault.  I was looking at the shorts as I was sewing them, thinking they might be a little big, when I got to the leg binding I thought really big.  I put them on George and they went to below her knees.  Luckily for me, I have a niece who has a birthday next month and I am thinking one will fit her just fine. The other will likely fit at least Georgia next year!!

But all that aside, I truly love these shorts. As always with O+S they had clear instructions, great pattern, and a cute end product.  Aside from one question I had on the leg binding, but of course Nicole had a picture that cleared up my problem. I am thinking I will have to make another few pairs (one at a time though, to check sizing this time!!).  I just can't get over those pockets!!

So here they are, in all their glory, the one in the back will get elastic next year... when they will hopefully fit.  At this rate, that seems pretty likely!

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  1. You are as gorgeous as these wee shorts!
    Great fabric choice!
    x N