Friday, August 17, 2012


I recently made two Mayah Pinafores from Sew Sweet Patterns.  I really need to learn not to make two of the same pattern on my first go at it.  Especially if I have already had trouble with the pattern company (and I have made two other items in my pre-blog days that were iffy.  I bought a bunch of their patterns before I made one and realized they aren't for me).  My SIL had mentioned earlier this summer how cute a pinafore with a ruffle diaper cover would be, so I gave it a go.  I picked what I best thought the girls would fit, 12m, but I was way, way off.  It completely drowns George, and is quite big around the neck and arm holes on Elizabeth.  The pattern didn't have any markings for where the button or button holes were to go, so I guessed.  I think I got the holes in about the right spot, but after the picture of Georgia I had to move the buttons.  Annoying.

Completely off on the fit.  Couldn't get a great picture of the front, meh, didn't look good anyway.

It isn't too bad on her, but obviously too big when she moves around. 

It looks fine from the back.

See? They were going to be so pretty and coordinating, but I am pretty frustrated so I haven't sewn the button holes or buttons yet.

I also made (and had another cut out) a ruffle diaper cover thinking it would look so cute poking out.  It does.  I had purchased the Little Lizard King diaper cover pattern but I was a little annoyed that it gave me a half circle and said cut out such and such size rectangle and place the half circle here and cut it out.  I purchased the pattern thinking I would get an actual pattern piece, maybe I am just being picky.  So instead I went with the Made diaper cover, size 12m.  It is a bit big on Izzy (ginormous on George) but I didn't do up the elastic tight since I knew the pinny was too big, hopefully the cover will still fit by the time it is warm again and the pinny fits.

Cute little bum.

And one last of poor little Georgie, they are both teething and have been miserable.  See those two on either side of the bottom middle two? That puts her tooth count at eight and Elizabeth at twelve.


  1. I hate fitting woes and that's why I probably stick to the same patterns over and over, even though I have a ton to choose from. It's a shame that the pinafore is too big...but too big is always workable where as too small is a lost cause!

  2. Not good they are too big, but they could work over long sleeves with leggings for cooler weather.
    Catherine has a tutorial for ruffle pants on her blog if you are keen to try again :-)

  3. Fingers crossed it fits later in the right season, b/c it is adorable! I feel your pattern pain too! Once burned... My daughter lived in bloomers and pinafore tops at this age b/c they were just so practical and cute. But, I guess there were only the first round of Oliver + s patterns then too. :)