Friday, August 17, 2012

A suit.

I made Abby a swim suit at her request earlier this week.  She asked Grandma to change their play day to earlier in the week so she could have one last long day together before school began, and the plan was to visit Beth and Jude's pool.  (Ben's cousins that are Abby and Jack's age).  So I got my stack of swim material, two of the patterns that I had, and let her pick what she wanted.  Well, mostly let her pick, I steered her towards the tankini rather than the bikini.  I don't care if she wears one, but Ben prefers she doesn't.  I wanted  to make the top from the Modkid book, but she didn't want that one, so I chose she chose View A and View C of the kwik sew 3605 pattern.

For the life of me I can't figure out how to get the right stitch with my machine, so I did a very harsh zig zag and then serged the seams out of habit, but as it stretched you could see the zig zag stitches.  I asked some lovely friends and one suggested I just pick out the zags, so I did, after the pictures, though. 

I got the material from girl charlee.  I really like the way it turned out.  Not too bad for my first try, but I know what I need to improve next time.

She LOVED it, I started Monday and "Grandma day" was Tuesday after lunch, I promised her it would be done in time.  Luckily the twins went down easy for naps Tuesday because they were beasts on Monday so I wasn't able to get much done with it.  She put it on as soon as it was done, and put her Zephyr over the top and was good to go!  Grandma said it stayed put just as it should, and she has already requested another.

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  1. The striped swimsuit looks fabulous! They are addicting to make...