Friday, August 17, 2012


Three posts in one day?! I am on a roll! Or... the kids went to bed early tonight and I finally decided to catch up on blogging my projects...

After yesterday's attempt I knew I just had to make another pair of Puppet Shorts ASAP.  I always liked the design, but after I made them, I LOVED the design.  So I grabbed some darker denim as I used up all of the particular denim.  It is a nice, light weight stretch denim.  I made the 3-6m size this time and tried them on Elizabeth first.  Ummmm... she has thunder thighs and I couldn't pull them up. heehee.  So I put them on George and they fit great, other than I could take the elastic in just a little bit since I left it bigger thinking Izzy might wear them too.  I kept pulling them up on Georgia, but I left the casing open just in case I needed to adjust, so that will be easy peasy!

Sorry about the splotchy lighting, but my giant trees kind of do that, and George wont stand still in a shady spot like the big kids, ha!

So Izzy needs a pair in 6m soon, but I think I will sew something else first so I don't burn myself out on the pattern.  But I can't make any promises:)

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