Wednesday, August 22, 2012

In love.

Oh, I am in love, and I want everyone to know it! I was at a local book and fabric shop (odd combination) this weekend and picked up some fabric that I was oh so excited to use.  So I asked some friends what color combinations they thought would go with my prints and they had some great input.  It has been a rainy mucky day so the pictures were taken inside and don't translate quite as nice as they should.  Especially the aqua and mustard one, it looks more yellow than mustard in the picture, but it is not.  When I saw the prints they just scream Ice Cream blouse at me.  I have seen many Ice Cream tops paired with Puppet Show Shorts and I knew that was the way I wanted to go. 


Both tops are 12m, lengthened for longer wear. 

The shorts are both 6m.  George wears the 3-6m size in these as I recently found out and Izzy is in the 6m, but I decided to make them flat front with button elastic hoping they will still fit Georgia next spring. 

As I was blog hopping the other night I ran across these shorts and loved the lace on the pockets.  I wanted something more dainty, but this is what I had in my stash and so that is what I went with.  I also used some grey linen and brown linen-look from Joann's.  I definitely prefer the linen, but they didn't have dark brown in anything but the linen-look.

I had just made the Classic Picnic shorts and had those instructions on my mind, so I knew I needed to interface the front section of the waistband, then I figured out where the side seam of the shorts would be and added a button hole on each side then put elastic in the back.

One thing that I love (one of the many) with Oliver and S patterns are the hem facings.  There isn't one on the blouse, but I drafted my own.  I love, love the look that it gives.

And two matching buttons.

Now, what to make next... ?


  1. These are both very sweet - I love the mods on the shorts - clever you :-)

  2. These are such cute outfits for the girls! I love the lace on the shorts!

  3. I love the solid neutral color selection in linen for the Puppet Show short and I also love the prints with the contrasting yokes for the Ice Cream tops. I really like mustard and orange.

  4. These are the sweetest little outfits! You did a great job on your fabric choices.:)

  5. Thank you all! The twins have worn them a few times already, as they come out of the dryer they go on the girls! :)