Monday, November 12, 2012


Every Thanksgiving day my husband's family all gather to take an annual picture.  Pretty much the only picture of me that is taken all year, ha!  I love to look back and see how my little family has grown.  Last year I made all the girlies tops (just my girls).  The twins were a last minute thing and Abby's was one that I had made probably 6 months earlier.  This time I am going to be prepared.  I asked my MIL what colors she was thinking, and since she didn't have anything specific in mind, I suggested jewel tones.  I am LOVING the trend.  Typically I try to stay away from trendy looks, that will be dated in pictures, but not this time.   I was talking with her this afternoon when she mentioned Thanksgiving was next week.  What?!  I thought I still had 2 weeks, not 1!  Then she goes on to say that since we want good light we will do it this Sunday.  Aaaagh! I had better get sewing, quickly!  
So I decided on a pierrot tunic in some yummy AMH voile for one of the twins... probably big twin... I will have to see what other inspiration strikes...


I made the 12 month lengthened to 2t for more of a dress look, though it is still a little short to be considered a dress.  Definitely needs some bottoms with it.

I also lengthened the sleeves, did a narrow hem on both the sleeves and the dress.

The sleeves are longer, but don't get in the way of playing, which is a must!

I am undecided if Abby will wear her ice cream top, will they be too matchy-matchy? Or go with a hopscotch dress in this (mustard + ivory stripe jersey) with with teal leggings/skinny jeans.

So way back before I started blogging I actually tested the pattern for Rae.  I was probably only chosen because I had a tiny baby (or two, ha!).  I tested the newborn size.

This is Izzy, aka big twin.  Look at how little she was!!!  Even though it was newborn size she was 4 months in this picture.

This is actually what was intended for family pictures last year, but I never finished the cranberry colored one, so I went with something else.  (Again Izzy).

Then the two together, Georgia on the left, Elizabeth on the right.  And they were 4 months in this one too. 

I have always intended to make another one (or ten), and the only excuse I can come up with was the weather!  It is such a quick and easy sew there really isn't a reason not to make more. 


  1. Love the idea of jewel tones for pictures!! I don't think the IC top that you made would be too matchy matchy but I also like your outfit plan for Abby. Perhaps save her's for last in case you run out of time?

  2. Such gorgeous fabric - lucky little miss! I agree with Cindy - I don't think it would be too matchy matchy If Abby wears her Icecream top.
    Looking forward to seeing the pics

  3. Oh my goodness, I am loving the photos of the twins when they were teeny weeny! In matching dresses! Squee! I love this pattern. I think the mustard and hot pink will look gorgeous together. :-)

  4. WOW. I am visiting after the VERY sweet comment you left me about my felt fruit and veggie tutorial. I am overwhelmed by your adorable family and your sewing skills. Looks like I know what I'll be doing tonight...looking at your old posts :)