Monday, October 8, 2012

KCWC day 1.

Last year I saw the Oliver + S Ice Cream Dress in the KCWC pool  many times.  I thought it was only fitting that the pool was the reason I bought the pattern and started in on my obsession with O+S that I make one this week.  That, and I scored some AMH voile for 50% off at my local quilt shop.  Ah-mazing! I am thinking I need to go back and buy more, lots, lots more.  
I have made this pattern a few times now, but never for the big girl.  While she was off at school, the babes were napping and Jack was playing quietly I got to work.  I made View C, size 6 around the chest and 10 for the length.  I thought I was being smart, making it tunic length, but no, it is just about where she likes her shirts normally.  Aaand that's what I get for drafting while she is away.

Sorry, really should have ironed better, but I didn't notice until the picture was staring at me on the computer:)  I skipped the notch this time around, I have struggles getting it to lay perfectly flat and it just drives me crazy when it's not.

I have dreams of making teal skinnies to go with it, but we will see what happens this week (still waiting on news about the house, and it is killing me!!)

And who told her she could grow up?!


  1. It really suits her, Brittney - just lovely :-)

  2. Teal skinnies would be divine with this top! She's such a beautiful girl.:) I love your use of of the pastry stripe..I have some in teal but can never pick a project for it. I might be 'complimenting'!

    1. You should! I have the pink and think I will be going back for the teal... it is just so soft!

  3. She is so lovely! The top too. ;-) It is the perfect length and a gorgeous color.

  4. This is gorgeous! I love this pattern and the fabric choices are perfect here! :)