Thursday, October 11, 2012

KCWC day 3.

I made a promise to myself when I started to sew again after our (temporary) move, I WILL NOT sew until the house is clean.  My life kind of got out of hand for a while and I was putting sewing ahead of house cleaning.  I justified it to myself, it was just another chore since I make all the kids clothes, right?  It wasn't good.  So, I have been keeping my promise, which means I sew at night when the kids are in bed or during part of nap time, depending on what else needs to be done.  So, this was made last night and photographed this morning.  Still technically day 3:)  I also have two more of these in different stages of completion, one for a twin, and one for Jack, and two modified skinny tees (which I am really excited about).  But I misplaced my twin needle and decided it isn't an option to finish the rest until I either find it or make it out for another one.   I did this shirt's hems without and regretted it . 
Anyway, on to the good stuff!  The pattern is the Oliver + s Field Trip Raglan  (sold in paper and digital, but I am a paper snob:).  Ah, the pocket gets me every time.  I love it.  The sleeve material was originally bought to be a tee for the biggest girl, and probably still will be, but I thought it was just perfect with this blue.  Both fabrics are from girlcharlee.  LOVE that place!  

The slightly crooked on the hanger shot.

And the sweet baby shots.  I made a frankenstein version as far as the sizes go, but I typically do:)  The chest is 12m, the length is 2t, and the sleeves are 18m length.  The sleeves are a little long, but I am sure soon enough they will fit fine, and I always lengthen the bodice of patterns as my kids are tall for their age.

I love her still wobbly, bow legged walk.

Still trying to get a decent shot, she notices the tea pot on the lawn.  Turns out it was full of water, and she dumped it on herself.

So I threw it over the make-shift fence around the patio, still determined to get a good shot.  Even if that meant photoshopping out the water spot.  Buuuut, she had other ideas and kept running back to the fence trying to crawl up under the one spot that is just big enough for her to get up and down.  Fearing she would catch the sleeve and make a hole, I gave up.  This is real life y'all.

Word on the street is, the house will close today, but they have been telling us that for the last 3 weeks.  Soooo, until I know for sure, more sewing will be happening like mad (as long as the house is clean, heehee) since we will be remodeling, leaving little time to sew their fall clothes for the next little while. 


  1. her little belly sticking out is soo cute. this color looks great on her!

  2. Adorable! I love the fabrics you used. *fingers crossed* that the house truly closes this time!

    1. Thanks! Sigh, now they say tomorrow.

  3. Oh my goodness, could she be any cuter? (Answer: No. Although I should check back in a couple months, right?) Good luck with the new house!!