Sunday, October 14, 2012

KCWC day 7.

I dub this my Cindy Dress.  A few days ago she posted this cute top and I pretty much knew immediatley I would be stealing it complimenting it.  She also posted a tutorial on how she altered the Oliver + S hopscotch top to make it, but I decided to use the flashback tee since I would have less work in altering it since that is the one I used the day before to make my pleat tee.  I followed her basic shape, curving the yoke and lowering the neckline.  I spaced out and gathered along the whole front instead of just in the middle, but I was too lazy to unpick my serged seams.  But next time I will move the gathering to the center.  Oh, and I wasn't bothered to make the sleeves gathered this time, but that will happen on the next one.

No modeled pics yet, girls were already dressed today and ornery, I wasn't in the mood to fight.  I am thinking this will be mostly worn by George, her eyes look amazing in this color!   And I think my buttons are a little off center... I should probably figure that out...

Not a shabby week, nine shirts and two dresses!  It is a good start to their fall wardrobes, but I still have a lot of work to do!  Abby doesn't have one long sleeve top yet and she was complaining it has been a bit cold in the mornings. 


  1. You accomplished a lot this week! I love the shade of blue the dress is.:)

  2. That's a good weeks worth! I inherited a big chunk of that monster knit, it's really helpful to see it done up in the long sleeves!

    I love your little blue dress too!