Tuesday, October 30, 2012

In the sandbox.

Mr. Jack desperately needs pants, he has only one pair.  Luckily (?) we haven't been out much this last week so he has been able to get away with just wearing his shorts.  Though honestly, he lives in his underwear 90% of the time while at home, no matter the weather or temp in the house.  So that bought me some time.  I got it in my head yesterday evening I wanted to make him a pair of Oliver + s sandbox pants.  I may have  measured him after he went to sleep and got his waist measurement just fine, but I couldn't get a length measurement for him, and his one pair of pants that fit were wet in the washer.  Also, I didn't realize I only had the smaller range and since it is an older pattern it only goes up to 3t while I usually make him a 4 in O+S.  But I remember reading it was a looser fitting pant, so I asked some lovely friends and felt confident I could get away with a 3t.  I did add 3 inches to the length, though turns out I didn't need to add that much.  That's what I get for winging it:) 

It is usually so hard to get him to look at the camera, but he was loving it this time! Also wearing his monster flashback tee. 

I used a bottomweight, all one material, just in case it was too small, I could have easily given them away.  Plus, a pair of khaki pants are a great wardrobe staple.

I am running low on my custom labels, so I thought this was a fun alternative, he loves it!

Since it was heavier material, I chose to skip the drawstring and instead used button hole elastic. 

I could easily go up to the next size (when I locate a paper pattern- fingers crossed!) as it is a little tight when he puts his hands in the pockets, but he doesn't use pockets often. 

I LOVE O+S for so many reasons, one being the details.  There are two rows of topstitching all over, if I ever get confident enough I will do a contrasting thread.  It would look great in denim with all the topstitching!  And those back pockets, I love them!  I never realized there were buttons on the pockets until I recently saw Justine's and they took a giant leap up my to-make list.

I don't know if I marked the pocket placement incorrectly, with the shirt down they look right to me, but when he raises his arms or without a shirt they look low.  Meh.

Aren't his eyes amazing? No editing at all on them!!

He is such a sweet boy, I asked if he wanted me to make him another pair since he liked these so much.  He said "Well, maybe later.  But first you should make Abby a pair just the same, only purple!"  Always thinking of others, this one.

They wanted to come out and play... :) (in their classic picnic tops).


  1. They look great! This is W's favorite pant pattern, he has a few of them now. Love the bottom picture too. :)

  2. He's a handsome fellow! Love the pants...You "need" the larger size pattern as I see many more Sandbox pants in your future.;)

  3. Love them in the khaki - hope you can find a copy of the bigger size, as this really is a great pattern (& Jack is right - for girls too!)

  4. Thanks girls! I really love them and can't wait to make more. And I was able to find the larger size *yay!*

  5. They look awesome! I love the details on this pattern. But as far as the pocket placement, I've found the rise is just really long for my guy. I cut a few inches off it last time and the fit was much more "normal" with the pockets just right.