Saturday, October 27, 2012


So, I have this problem, once I get an idea in my head I am obsessed and think about it all.the.time. until I do it.  I knew I wanted the twins to be Cinderella (George) and Gus Gus (Iz) this year because it will likely be Elizabeth's last year with a giant belly.  Plus, they may finally start talking by next year and have an opinion on what they want to be.  We'll see.   Since we have been remodeling I hadn't really had time to do anything about the costumes, then I got an e-mail from Oliver + S with a sale I couldn't pass up and purchased the fairy tale (among others).  It was supposed to arrive Thursday, or so said the tracking number.  But it didn't, so I got started late Friday night and finished it oh, about thirty minutes before the party.  I was slightly stressed.  My MIL had a size 2-4 disney costume that she said I could cut up and make smaller, but I KNEW I wanted it to be the fairy tale.  This is where the obsession comes in, I knew I would be dissappointed if I didn't go with my plan and think about how I should have just done it.  Sooo glad I made it!  It is exactly how I imagined it.


I thought about possibly making puff sleeves instead of the tulip sleeves, but I am so happy with the look of the tulip sleeves.

I added a peplum and an extra layer of tulle, otherwise everything is exactly as the pattern says.  I always learn SO much with Oliver + S patterns, this is my first zipper.  Pretty proud of myself considering it was on costume satin, that stuff is a PITA to work with!!

For Gus Gus aka big twin, I made the field trip raglan with shortened sleeves and overall length. Then a simple beanie that I just winged. It does fold over to the front, but tends to go all over the place.  I couldn't get a great photo of the cute belly though. 

I also used her pj pants I made a while back.  Wow, they faded a ton!

Abby picked a witch costume from Grandma's box, and Jack just HAD to be a skeleton- again.  Though, Abby has now been a witch 3 of 7 times.  One of these years I want to talk them all in to being things that coordinate, good luck with that!

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  1. Now these are some great costumes! I do love the little Cinderella and gus gus! My older kids would not go as anything coordinating either. I wanted to make them al the Wizard of Oz but the three big wouldn't hear of it.