Friday, November 9, 2012

The new, the old, and the finally fits.

Nothing makes me happier than when my kids LOVE what I sew for them.  Sweet little Jack is always so appreciative and excited about his mommy mades, the sandbox pants from a little bit ago were no exception.  

He wore them 5 days in a row!! ( and I only managed to wash them twice... but he didn't get them too dirty the other times.)  So I knew he needed another pair.  I brought out two choices, a stretch deep blue denim and some dreamy Lisette chambray.  He chose the chambray.

Oh my goodness! They are so soft.  I left the buttons off the back pockets, per his request "So I can put my hands in them ... not that he has yet to do that... But I am happy to make him happy.

Then I decided since they were pretty darn unisex to put in a Sesame Street ribbon instead of the Tonka trucks like the last pair, this way the twins can wear them someday.  Not that they couldn't with trucks in them, but I figure I will hopefully avoid a possible future tantrum.  Plus, he still likes Sesame Street.

Girlies outgrew their birthday dresses finally.  I didn't honestly know how long they would last since I made them to fit just right as they were for pictures.  The length is still perfect, but their big noggins just wont squeeze in anymore.  I *ahem* forced them on for church this day since they were their only clean dresses...  It always makes me so sad to fold away their handmades for the last time, especially ones with good memories, knowing there may not be another little munchkin to pass them on to.

But then, there is this.  Big twin now fits the knit sailboat I made 4 months ago!  Wow, I was off, turns out long sleeves would have been nice since it is cold now they can finally wear it.  Meh.  Remodel is coming along nicely, behind that new door is my new sewing closet.  YAY! A space dedicated to my hobby! It isn't very big, but it will do! 


  1. The new Sandbox pants look great. I'm glad that they have been such a hit!

  2. Love the chambray pants - & yes, completely unisex (Lucy had a pair very similar last year!!
    I so know what you mean about putting away the hand made things - so much sadder than RTW, huh?