Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy birthday girlies!

I have been crazy busy this last week leading up to the twins birthday and was just sure I wasn't going to have the time/will to make them special birthday outfits.  (I have to sew to, remember? ;)  Buuuut, oh, about 10pm Saturday night I decided they NEEDED new dresses.  I am not crazy, right? *don't answer that*  So I gathered my materials and cut out two Oliver and S Ice cream dresses, view A minus the v and the pockets to save time, since I am crazy.  Only to realize I have misplaced my instructions. What??!!  But I had made it once before so I cautiously made the first yoke, it went perfectly so I got confidence and sped through it to the end.  I have only made view c and it doesn't have the hem facing, but luckily I have made my fair share of O+S so I was able to figure it out quickly.  So in between making sheets and sheets of cake balls I got the first one sewn up.  Then the second one got finished even quicker this morning during their nap.  Yay! They had new outfits for their party.

I didn't have time to get a hang up shot of the dressess yet, but I will:)

I made waaaay too many cake balls (and cake pops that aren't pictured) and two cakes.  The chocolate one is something I saw on pinterest.  But I failed at it.  It is a round cake with chocolate ganache poured over the top to make it look like a spilled ice cream cone.  Well, we live 25 minutes away from the in-law's and that is where we were having a combined birthday & father's day party and the ganache started to melt in the 105+ heat on the way over. Grrr. Oh well.

We let the girls go at the chocolate cake. Elizabeth went straight for the ice cream cone and pretty much stuck with that.  She took a few handfuls of cake, but not many.

George went crazy with the cake.  She doesn't usually eat much, and will stop when she is full (unlike Izzy) but she could.not.stop. with this.  Yeah, they both had a huge crash 30 minutes later.

And here is what the cake looked like after two nearly (birthday is on Monday:) one-year olds can do to a yummy cake.


  1. Happy Birhtday girls! It looks like it was a fun party. You sound like me on the have to make the dresses thing. ;) I totaly understand. :)

  2. You sound like me- sewing like crazy up to the last minute before some holiday or event.

  3. Aw, they are soooo adorable in their pretty dresses, smeared with chocolate! :D

    I love the Ice Cream dress pattern. It's so old-fashioned and lovely. And easy to sew! Hmm. It's about time I made another one!