Friday, June 1, 2012

It only took me forever...

Finally. I started these sailboat pants the first week in May... and between sickness, other sewing that "had" to be done, and just a general not wanting to finish them I finally made them.  Not that I don't LOVE the sailboat pattern, I really do!  But something about making them in denim just turned me off. Pretty dresses or colorful bottoms are just so much more fun to make than denim pants.

My sister-in-law has complimented my teal pair I made ages ago a few times so I told her I would make a pair for my niece.  She measured in to the 18m size, but I made her the 2t with button hole elastic in hopes of long wear.  Guess I didn't think too hard about them being long pants in the summer... oops! But I haven't given them to her yet, so maybe they wont be too long. 

The one on the left is 2t and the other two are 12m.  I was also dragging my feet because I recently put the teal pair on each of the girls (different days, of course) and they both still fit very well in to the 6m size.  Hm. But I also put button elastic in their pairs so maybe they can get some use soon. 

And of course new pants need a new shirt.  When I went on my hopscotch kick I made one knowing I wanted to make one for my niece.  Her's is actually the rainbow one with blue ribbing, but I have misplaced it! Uh-oh, I better rip apart my sewing room.  I mean, the twins' room that also houses my sewing crap.

I raided my orphan buttons to find some fun random buttons for the elastic, I thought that was kind of a fun touch!

Now on to something fun!  I am thinking coordinating Swingset tunics .  Izzy has outgrown her 6m RTW clothing and the hand-me-down's in 12m from her big sissy are pretty much non-existent.  Abby basically skipped the 12m range, plus the few things she did have are wintery.  All the girls were summer babies, but Abby was a giant and the twins were teeny, so they are all wrong when it comes to hand-me-down.  Just another excuse to sew;)


  1. They are all very cute - glad you got them finished. I know wht you mean about this kind of sewing though

  2. They are so cute! I love the tiny sizes, they make me smile.

  3. Love the array of Sailboat pants!

  4. I generally drag my feet anytime I decide to make more than one of something. For whatever reason, that kicks it into "boring" territory for me, even if I'm otherwise excited about the project! Guess it's good I don't have twins! ;-)

    These are totally adorable, though. Tiny sailboat pants! So cute!