Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sailboats all around.

Oliver + S sailboat pants. Love, just love. They are meant to be capris, but the girls are on the very small side of the 6m measurements so they are more pants than capris. This was a teal linnen I had in my stash for years, way back when I pretended like I could/would sew, and it was marked for a skirt for me. Fast forward 3 years and now I can/do sew and they became pants for the twins. I just love the look of them! Especially pudgy baby tummy sticking out.

Then I made the skirt, add some leggings or tights, and bam! They will work for winter. I made the 6m, and they are huge!!! Oh my sweet little, tiny girls. So I probably wont need leggings, it will be warm enough by the time they fit!

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  1. Those are beautiful skirts - the colors work really well .