Saturday, March 17, 2012

Nowhere man pants.

Shwin&Shwin put out a call for testers for their new patterns, one of which was a pair of boys pants. I hadn't sewn much for Jack, and it was starting to show. He would bring me fabric from my stash and say "Mommy, would this make a nice shirt for me?" or "Mommy, I want you to make me some pants with this." Poor kid, his sisters are always getting mommy made wares, he was feeling a bit left out. So I volunteered.

I tested a 4t and he loved them. Well, not so much the plaid print... but I did...

I really should have paid attention to how the plaid was lined up... but I was just testing and wasn't sure how they would turn out, plus I got this print when the local variety store was closing down for a few dollars a yard.
Then one week I dropped him off at Sunbeams and noticed he had a giant hole in the back of his pants just above the hem. AAAAgh! There was no time to go home to change, I was mortified. So he needed new church pants.

This was in my stash for a while when I thought I would sew him some cool skinny pants from a tutorial I saw online, but I never did. There was just enough to squeeze these out of what I had.

I think they look very sharp, and he loves them! We call them his church pants, and he has requested "Grandma pants" to wear to Grandma's house.
Ben says boys pants (or clothes for that matter) shouldn't have buttons, but I like them. Plus it helped Jack feel included... sort of... I gave him the choice of two different buttons, but heavily pushed him towards these.

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