Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tea party for two.

Oliver + S Tea Part Sundress, both size 6m.

This one has ready made piping between the seams. The pattern calls for making your own, but I thought I could skip a step... not really, it ended up throwing my seams off and instead of being smart and accounting for that, I didn't and ended up trying to hide a few pleats to make it fit correctly. I find that I am the hardest critic of my work, I wanted to unpick it and fix it all, but I didn't. And ya know what? No one else has noticed besides me! That is the way life goes.

So the next one I skipped the piping and resulted in a much smoother experience.

My two girlies in the dresses before church.
I just loved this capture! She makes this face a lot and I captured it just at the right time, in focus even!

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