Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cozy winter hood.

I have longed for Oliver + s patterns for ages. The price always made me un-do my cart and navigate far, far away from their site before I just broke down and purchased them. Then came months of frustrations with etsy sellers, I bought patterns from one seller that looked fairly simple, but the instructions were a joke. Another, the pieces didn't even line up! One had their sizing so off it wasn't worth trying to figure it out. Then I went back to the Oliver + s website and found out they were offering pdf downloads on some of their out-of-print patterns. Okay, I can give them a try. The pdf prices were less than the paper, and they didn't have shipping costs since they were a download. I purchased the Tea Party Sundress, and I was hooked instantly!! Crystal clear instructions, perfectly drafted patterns and they gave measurements in inches for each pattern so you could easily find the size you need. Then I bought their book, Little things to sew.

So, this is the first thing I made from the book, the cozy winter hood.

Modeled by my sweet little Elizabeth. I have one for each of the kids cut out, but still haven't sewn them. I got the book at the end of January and it was warming up... and I got a little ( a lot ) distracted with other Oliver + S patterns. There will always be the fall:)

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