Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Maggie Mae.

A while back I tested two patterns for Shwin&Shwin designs (the Sadie tunic and Nowhere man pants, both great patterns!) and in return for testing I got to choose two other patterns I wanted, so I chose the Maggie Mae as one and finally got around to making it! This will be the pattern I use for Abby's Easter dress. Usually I go over the top frilly, but I have been drawn away from that since I found my new bff Oliver + S patterns. It is funny how quickly my tastes have changed to the more simple lines and patterns, not to say I wont go super frilly again, but for now this is what I am loving. So anyway, back to the pattern. I tried it in a 7 and I can't decide if I want to go to a 6 or not. On the one hand, it would fit better for Easter, but on the other a 7 will fit longer. Hm. The girl was already at school this morning when I finished it (finished except for hemming) but I tried the bodice on her last night and it looked pretty good. This was another remnant I picked up, love when I can do that!

The top is cream, though it looks kind of white in the picture. The pattern can be a top or a dress. I chose dress (obviously:), and the pattern calls for a band of the bodice fabric around the bottom, but my cream was VERY see through and I didn't want to line it. Though I really like it this way.
I just love the curved bodice, and the pleats! Oh, how I love the pleats! It has a button placket down the back, more pleats and pockets for treasures. I love the bodice, wouldn't it be great to line the curve with piping? Or embroider the top? Oh the possibilitles!

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