Thursday, March 22, 2012

A bonnet for the park.

The girlies finally fit their Oliver + s sailboat skirts I made a few months ago!

Love me some chubby baby legs!
The city built a park a block from our house, so we have been going every now and then when the girlies cooperate. I hate putting sunscreen so close to their eyes and in their scalp, so this is my solution. It is the peek-a-boo bonnet from made-by-rae. I made the size 1t to test the size, and it fits Izzy's giant head, but Georgie needs the smaller size. It is a really great pattern, and if I wasn't in such a funk after a veeeerrrryyy loooonngg day it would have been so quick. I had to unpick quite a few times, and the piping ended up on the outside instead of the inside, though I kinda like it that way!

She kept in on for a while with the ties, but then she realized they were there and tried getting it off. I think if we are outside and she is distracted she will leave it alone.

I have located the ties...

Pull, pull pull!

Yank it as hard as I can, maybe I can get it off...




Hm, I am done with it now...

Take it from here George...

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