Saturday, March 24, 2012

The girl's first sewing lesson.

Abby was upset I wouldn't let her go to her new friend's birthday party she just met yesterday. A little background, we let the girl and her friend come over to our house about 4 then at six I tried (key word tried) to return them home so we could eat dinner. Buuuuut, the parents were gone!! Who does that?? Leave their kids with strangers and not say a word!! I was pretty angry. We finally returned them at 730 so our kids could get ready for bed. Then today she got an invitation at 120 for a birthday that "would probably be from 2-5" and under RSVP it said "but you already know that". Um, what? So I said no, there was a lot of crying, arguing and stomping of feet. So to take her mind off it I told her I would let her help sew a skirt. She was sold, and never mentioned the party again.

I let her pick the fabric and then found some coordinating when she decided she wanted a two tiered skirt like another one I had made a while back for her. I taught her wrong side/right side, how to pin, how to measure and how to use the machine.

She pinned the side seams on both layers, then she stitched (well, she guided the material while I pressed the pedal) the side seams and the hems. I serged and ironed... we don't need any burns:) Then when it came time for the waistband casing Daddy and Jack got home from the library and ice cream, so she lost interest. But she enjoyed herself, and I didn't get nearly as frustrated as I thought I would.

I measured off a pair of shorts she was wearing today as the guide for length, but I think it ended up a little too short. Pretty much a mini skirt. I will probably go back and make another one while she is at school and save the mini one for the twins when they get bigger.

She was mad the sun was in her eyes...

(Ignore the random spray paint can, I am re-painting my kitchen table;)

The skirt is perfect for jumping,


And falling:)

She reaaally wanted to pose herself, so I humored her.

This was her favorite pose... but I couldn't see the skirt;)
All in all, it wasn't so bad for a six year old's first project and short attention span! I just may have to let her do it again. She is so excited to wear it to school. Luckily we have some capri leggings or I would be in trouble!


  1. I was just about to leave a comment saying leggings would look sooo cute with it, before I read that last sentence! Good job Abby and I don't have kids or anything, but even to me that seems super random they just wouldn't be there without saying something or it wasn't someone you knew really well. What if you guys were creepers?