Monday, March 26, 2012

Birthday party dress.

I am a procrastinator. I know it, and I own it. I have had the fabric to make all the kids Easter outfits for a few weeks now, and I have done NOTHING with it. I haven't even pinned down what I want to make exactly!! AGH! So in my hunt for the perfect dress I decided to try out the Oliver + S birthday party dress to check the size. I made a 6m and it is roomy on George, I haven't tried it on Iz yet. It was the most intense thing I have made in the last few months, I finally had to only sew it when the kids were in bed, because I was having to use my seam ripper too much. Not the pattern's fault, I just needed to concentrate a little more than I could with four kids running around. I really do like the dress even though I am thinking I did something wrong on the pleats, and I definitely did something wrong on the shoulder seams. Well, not wrong on the shoulder seams, but not how the pattern was written. I am not sure if this will be the winner for the twins or not, but I will make it again another time, if not for Easter.

Yeah, I should have checked my pressing before taking a picture of the pleats:) I made it with a pretty light blue flower print that just seemed so feminine and delicate to me.

Poor girls are both fighting ear infections, so she wasn't very cooperative, and this may or may not have been the only non-crying picture I was able to get... okay, it was...
I just went simple with the buttons on the back 3/8" plain white. I thought it went well with the delicate print. She just looks so sweet in it. I can't wait to try it on Elizabeth, aka the big twin, and see how it fits her.


  1. It is absolutely perfect and yur babies are yummy!

  2. your babies!(crumbs in my laptop)!
    x N

  3. Thank you Nicole! She has worn it all day and the more I see her in it the more and more I love it!

  4. It really is lovely - well done!

  5. This is beautiful. One of my favourite patterns and you've really done it justice here.

  6. Thank you both! I am waiting for it to go through the wash now so I can try it on the bigger twin to see if I need a 6m or 12m for her. Pretty sure this pattern will be their Easter outfits:)